Point Standings - pdf format, click and go!

​​Your competition results will be kept as point standings for year- end awards in the Treasure State Cutting Club. This is how it works:


TSCC points will accrue as follows:

    First place receives the points for the number in the class (8 in class, first place = 8 points).  Second place = 7, and so on down.  Ties are added together and divided, rounded to the nearest half point.  Example:  6 in class.  1st, 6 points. 2-3 tie, 5+4=9, each receives 4 1/2 points.  4th, 3 points, 5-6 tie, 2 + 1 =3, each gets 1 1/2 points.  Zero score, no points.

    Point standings will be available on the website a few days after each show.

    Open class:  points accrue to the horse, regardless of who rides.  Horse may go only once in class.

    NP classes:  points accrue to rider unless that rider has more than one horse in the class, then each horse/rider accrues points.  If a NP rider changes horses during the year, rider can accumulate points (to take into account injuries, new horses, etc.)

 Points will be kept for these classes:  Open, Non Pro, Open Novice Horse, Non Pro Novice Horse, $10K Rider, $2000 Limit Rider, $500 Limit rider, Cowhorse Bridle, Cowhorse Snaffle, Open and Cowhorse Snaffle NP and Youth.