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This year's Awards Banquet will be in BUTTE at the Quality Inn on September 14th, 2019

(subject to change)

**New Award** for 2019!  TSCC member Jeanne Reyher presented this idea to the Board of Directors and we think it is fabulous!  This year an award will be given to the high point rider/horse combination.  Any horse and any rider is eligible and points from any class the rider/horse combination show in will count toward the year end award

Your competition results will be kept as point standings for year- end awards in the Treasure State Cutting Club.  This is how it works:


TSCC points will accrue as follows:

    First place receives the points for the number in the class (8 in class, first place = 8 points).  Second place = 7, and so on down.  Ties are added together and divided, rounded to the nearest half point.  Example:  6 in class.  1st, 6 points. 2-3 tie, 5+4=9, each receives 4 1/2 points.  4th, 3 points, 5-6 tie, 2 + 1 =3, each gets 1 1/2 points.  Zero score, no points.

    Point standings will be available on the website a few days after each show.

    Open class:  points accrue to the horse, regardless of who rides.  Horse may go only once in class.

    NP classes:  points accrue to rider unless that rider has more than one horse in the class, then each horse/rider accrues points.  If a NP rider changes horses during the year, rider can accumulate points (to take into account injuries, new horses, etc.)

 Points will be kept for these classes:  Open, Non Pro, Open Novice Horse, Non Pro Novice Horse, $10K Rider, $2000 Limit Rider, $500 Limit rider, Cowhorse Bridle, Cowhorse Snaffle, Open and Cowhorse Snaffle NP and Youth.  

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